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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

Jefferson K. Kilpatrick, MD | Russell B. Stokes, MD | Hannah Parbst, Esthetician

When it comes to offering fast and effective laser hair removal, every specification matter. The dual wavelength of the GentleMax Pro allows us to treat a wider range of patients with one device. Due to the industry’s largest spot size of 18mm, tremendous fluence options and pulse width range, The GentleMax Pro gives a whole new meaning to high-speed laser hair removal.

The Pro Advantage: Faster. Greater Efficacy. More Versatility.

GentleMax Pro, the integrated aesthetic platform, offers more power and versatility than any other multiwavelength device. GentleMax Pro is a single consolidated system that delivers a range of treatments-all skin type hair removal, as well as pigmented and vascular lesions. The GentleMax Pro is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful lasers and together, they provide high-performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, outstanding performance, safety and patient satisfaction.


  • Unwanted hair
  • Vascular lesions
  • Port wine stains
  • Hemangioma
  • Telangiectasia
  • Diffuse redness
  • Venous lake
  • Leg veins
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Wrinkles
  • Pseudofoliculitis barbae
  • Rosacea
  • Beard Bumps (PFB)
  • Facial & Spider Veins

Advanced Technology – True Power. Real Results. Proven safe and effective for most all skin types.

How does it work?

GentleMax Pro uses laser technology to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat safely and effectively.

How long does treatment take?

A treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the area and the condition being treated.

What can I expect during treatment?

Treatment will take place in your practitioner’s office. Your practitioner will utilize a small hand-piece to deliver laser pulses onto the  desired treatment area.  Some patients may feel a slight discomfort with each laser pulse, sometimes described as a  snap of a rubber band on the skin.  Discomfort is resolved quickly and minimized with the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) or air cooling. For some patients, a topical anesthetic may be used prior to treatment. 

When can I expect to  see results?

The number of sessions depends on the desired treatment and the condition of your skin.

Sun and Age Spots

What causes them?

Pigmented lesions are often caused by an abnormal production of melanin, which becomes visible on the skin’s surface. 

How does GentleMax Pro work?

Long pulsed laser energy delivered at 3 ms closely matches the Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) of melanocytes.

Heating of the melanocytes in benign pigmented lesions causes thermal damage, resulting in removal of these types of lesions.

GentleMax Pro – Proven performance.

Gentle Pro lasers have been the industry standard for two decades. That means you can confidently perform hair removal procedures with consistent results.

Laser Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Who are good candidates for laser hair removal?
A. In general, if you have a concern about unwanted hair, you are probably a candidate. Your complexion type and how your skin reacts to sunlight are key factors in determining the benefits you may receive. The most dramatic results are in patients with light skin and dark hair. Other personal health factors need to be considered, so each patient must be evaluated individually.

Q. Is there an age limit for laser hair removal patients?
A. Women of all ages – from young teens to older adults – have been treated and are enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal. Young and mature women alike have sought treatment for a variety of reasons, including: Cosmetic needs; Convenience; To eliminate uncomfortable, unsightly rashes or ingrown hairs that can result from other hair removal methods; To rid themselves of hair that can cause self-consciousness or embarrassment; & Medical conditions​

Q. I’m in my mid-40s and have noticed a little more ‘peach fuzz’ around my jawline, and I’d like to have it removed. Am I a good candidate?
A. Probably, but a lot depends on the color of the hair. In order for the laser to work, there has to be a substance called melanin in the hair (melanin is the substance that gives hair color). If the hair is blonde or white, it can not be treated because there is no color in the hair.

Q. How do I prepare for a laser hair removal treatment?
A. There are some steps you will be asked to take before your laser hair removal treatment begins. These steps should be followed for the best results: Avoid sun exposure and tanning booths 4-6 weeks prior to your treatment. (Wear a sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.); Avoid waxing and electrolysis for one month prior to treatment; Shave the treatment area 1-3 days prior to treatment.

Q. How does a laser remove hair?
A. The laser sends a pulse of light that targets the hair follicle, where each hair grows. The light passes through your skin and is absorbed by the hair. When the hair absorbs the light, the laser energy becomes heat, which destroys the follicle. Our laser heats the hair and not your skin.

Q. Is the treatment painful?
A. Most patients say the treatment feels like a series of pricks to the skin. Patients who have tried other treatments such as electrolysis or waxing, say there is much less discomfort with the laser. Within 30 minutes of your treatment, the skin in the treatment area may become pink or red, but this usually lasts only one day.

Q. How many treatments will I need?
A. Hair grows in cycles. Some hairs are actively growing while other hairs are in a resting phase. Hair do not grow at the same rate at the same time. At the time of a treatment, the laser will destroy hair that is growing in the active phase. The hairs that are in the resting phase will not be affected. Additional treatments are needed in about 6-8 weeks or when other follicles re-enter the growing phase. The number of treatments needed depends on the area you would like to have treated.

Q. What causes excessive body hair?
A. Hair growth patterns can be affected by several factors: heredity, changes in gland secretions and hormone levels. Women who have just had a baby may also notice a change in hair growth patterns.

Q. Is laser hair removal permanent?
A. Laser treatments can reduce or eliminate unwanted hair and results vary with each individual. Laser hair removal can be safely called long-term, with most patients having little or no re-growth after treatment.

Jefferson K. Kilpatrick, MD ∙ Russell B. Stokes ∙ Hannah Parbst, Esthetician

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