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Our Heritage

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Our Heritage

2019 | Friends of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic created

2019 | Adding Clinic back into Pinehurst Surgical Clinic & revitalization of the brand

2013 | Ophthalmology Department Established

2012 | The Spine department was formed at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic with the arrival of Dr. Daniel Williams

2005 | New building opened

1999 | Bariatric program established

1990 | Cardiac and Thoracic Department is formed and Dr. John Krahnert performs his first open-heart procedure as a clinic physician

1985 | Scholarships Established at Sandhills Community College


In October of 1919, medicine reached a significant milestone. A meeting of the American College of Surgeons declared Neurological surgery a specialty, and it was officially recognized by the medical community. Although this was a huge step forward, Neurosurgery was not as prominent as other specialties in its infancy. This was often because surgeons were […]

Dr. John Ellis Orthopaedic Surgery

1973 | History of Joint Replacement

The 1970s were a booming time for Orthopaedics in the United States as well as at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic. With the department growing exponentially and advancements being made on a global and national front, it was only a matter of time before they made their way to the clinic. One of those advancements was Joint […]

Dr. Henderson Plastic & Facial Plastic Surgery

1970s | Plastic & Facial Plastic Surgery Department is Formed

The ’70s were an innovative time for medicine in America. CAT scans, or CT scans, were introduced in 1972, the Arthroscope was used for the first time in 1970, revolutionizing surgery, and so much more. Medical advancements were happening within the walls of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic as well. A new department was added, Facial Plastic […]

Dr. John Monroe

1969 | History of Ear, Nose and Throat at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic

When the Orthopaedics department was formed at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, it brought the total number of departments to three. The next department formed came shortly after which increased the total number of providers and staff to meet the ever-developing needs of the community and its population. That department was the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) […]

Louis Daniel - Ortho Founder

1963 | Orthopaedics at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic

Orthopaedics was evolving quickly across the country when Dr. Louis Daniel arrived at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic in 1963 to open a third department to meet the growing local demand for specialists. “The idea of joint replacement was just beginning,” Dr. Daniel recalled. “There were partial joint replacements, but total joint opened up new possibilities for […]

Dr. Pishko - WCH Newspaper

1957 | Baby Makes Two: OB/GYN Department Is Formed

In the early 1900s there was no such thing as a specialty, and both doctors and surgeons would perform all-encompassing services to ensure the needs of the population were met. This rang true in Pinehurst. Both Dr. Clement Monroe and Dr. Michael Pishko, performed Obstetrics and Gynecology duties in between their other surgeries and clinical […]

Duwayne Gadd - Urology Founder

1956 | The Start of Specialties: Urology

When Pinehurst Surgical Clinic was first founded in 1946, the doctors generally worked in all specialties performing various procedures. They would do everything from splinting a broken leg, to delivering babies, and staffing the emergency department. In 1956, that changed with the arrival of Dr. Duwayne Gadd, who created the first department at PSC, the […]

Clement Monroe Our Heritage

1946 | The Beginning: Dr. Clement Monroe

Before there was Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, before FirstHealth, and before Moore Regional Hospital, there was one doctor: Dr. Clement R. Monroe. He would not only play an instrumental role in the creation of what was then Moore County Hospital (MCH), but he was also the driving force behind the creation of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, which […]