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Staff Stories

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Pinehurst Surgical clinic Staff Stories

At Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. That’s why we believe in treating our employees with the same level of respect and thoughtfulness we treat each of our patients in Pinehurst, Rockingham, Sanford, Laurinburg, NC, and beyond. For this reason, many of our physicians and other medical staff have been with us for years and have truly become part of the Pinehurst Surgical Clinic family.

The President’s Award for Service Excellence

Mary Goins, General Surgery Nurse is the recipient of this award honoring excellence in service.  Mary exemplifies “Excellence in Practice.”  Mary’s patients love her because she is so caring. She has proven herself to be a leader and a vital part not only of the General Surgery Department but also of the clinic.  She provides excellent patient service with the utmost professionalism, care and compassion.

The William M. Edsel Leadership Excellence Award

Arthur Ebbert, Manager of the Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery Department was the recipient of this award that recognizes the manager with the most outstanding results through key performance indicators and behavioral standards. Arthur has done great things in his department and fit in quickly.  His willingness to help others and work across department lines is what sets him apart.

2015 President’s Award –Jennifer Cagle

Jennifer Cagle joined the Orthopaedic Department in May, 2007 after graduating from Montgomery Community College with a Medical Assisting degree. She has been a significant asset to Dr. Brenner’s team ever since. Jennifer works as a lead and assists with all clinical and clerical duties. As Dr. Brenner’s scribe, she completes his dictation and makes sure all of his orders are accurate and complete. As the lead for one of the busiest doctors in Moore County, she is able to keep his clinic moving. When Dr. Brenner performs surgery after hours, Jennifer is right there by his side assisting.

Dr. Brenner compares her to Michael Jordan, stating “Jennifer has the gift of upping everyone’s game”. She is described as “emotionally consistent” by her coworkers; always smiling even in the middle of the busiest of clinic days. She has no boundaries when it comes to patient care and is the first to volunteer to help any team, no matter how busy she is. Jennifer sets the example and Dr. Brenner feels very fortunate to have her as an integral component of his team.

2014 President’s Award – Rita Maness, LPN

Rita has been with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic for almost 18 years serving as a Medical Assistant and most recently as an LPN.  Rita is the ENT Allergy Nurse, responsible for monitoring and accurately mixing the serum for the 200+ patients that participate in the Allergy program. She also serves as the clinical lead of the ENT department, the Employee Health Nurse and she is an active member of the Clinical Excellence Committee. Due to the excellent work and reputation that Rita has developed in the “allergy world” of North Carolina, the UNC Allergy Program sent their staff to spend time with Rita to learn about how she runs the allergy program at PSC. They were interested in implementing some of her processes within their organization. Rita has a quiet confidence that makes it easy for the staff in her department to approach her for assistance, and to calm the nerves of patients. Not many people have the ability to perform the difficult task of sticking small children, and needle phobic adults 36 times during allergy testing with grace, and the patience of a saint on a daily basis, like Rita does. A patient reflected on time spent with Rita:   “over the past ten years, I have been a patient in several departments and Rita is one of the nicest nurses I have ever met.  It is her demeanor, personality and overall service.  She always handles herself in a professional manner”.  Rita has demonstrated throughout her career, the ability to build networks in and outside of the organization, to touch people personally, and to lead by example.  Pinehurst Surgical Clinic and our world is a better place because of Rita Maness.

2013 President’s Award – Deborah Covington, Patient Financial Services

Deborah has been serving our patients as a quiet professional for over 25 years.  She is dependable, caring and conscientious.  Deborah took on the role of “Medicaid Guru” early in her career because she knew her stuff!  She took classes; studied the manuals and regularly checked her knowledge against the website.  If someone had a question about NC Medicaid, the most common answer has always been – call Deborah Covington.  For the past two years, Deborah spent time in the OB department assisting the secretaries with Athena training.  She also trained the Physical Therapy department on all of the billing nuances that pertain to their accounts.   Deborah works diligently to provide outstanding account follow up to expedite and maximize payments.  She has turned around the accounts receivables in all of the three departments she is supports.   Deborah is always willing to assist new employees and co-workers to learn new tasks or just “simply to help them catch up”.  She does this very quietly with no thought of recognition. 

2012 President’s Award – Teresa Ussery, LPN

I was honored by Pinehurst Surgical Clinic Physicians and staff with the President’s Award this year, and it meant a lot to me. I have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for 40 years and 30 of those years have been with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, so I must like my job. My motto in life is simple, “Treat people the way you want to be treated, and smile.”

I like my job, which in the past few years has taken on more responsibility, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I enjoy the Physicians, and my coworkers. I am here to help patients, and a lot of them have been coming here for a long time. Patients comment often that it is nice to see a familiar face and I feel like they are my extended family. I have experienced many changes through the years, including, the death of my husband, and the retirement of Physicians that were here when I first began my career. It just touches my heart when patients remember you, give you a hug or cry on your shoulder. Every day brings new challenges and that’s why I love my job at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic.