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Planning For Your Pre-Op Visit

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Planning for Your Pre-Op Visit

At this visit, you will meet with your provider, laboratory, imaging, and hospital staff to ensure you are prepared and ready for surgery. Our state of the art facility has the capability to provide all pre-operative services so all pre-op tests are completed in one day and in one location. 

In preparation for your pre-operative appointment, please bring with you

  • All medications you are currently taking, including all prescriptions, over the counter and any vitamins or herbs. 
  • Have a list of medical problems including past medical problems, current medical problems, and all surgeries

Also, please know that because we are performing not only a physical assessment, but also performing additional testing and interviews, this appointment/process can take over an hour. We ask that you do eat and drink normally, unless otherwise advised by your provider. 

Our facility

  • Imaging – EKG, Chest X-ray, CT scan, MRI
  • Laboratory- all blood work and urine specimens
  • Pre-registration – completed by trained First Health Moore Regional Hospital  staff
  • Physical Therapy – if requested by your physician

General Pre-op information

Though you will receive specific information at your pre-op visit with your provider, we want to remind you of a few important details on the day of your surgery. 

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery
  • Make sure that you review your medications with your providers and know which medications are safe to take the day of surgery and which are not
  • No jewelry 
  • No contacts
  • Make sure you have a driver. Anytime you are giving medication to help you sleep through surgery, you are required to have someone to drive you home. 

Between the time of scheduling your surgery and the pre-operative appointment, we encourage you to make notes and write down any questions you have. Our trained staff and providers will be more than happy to answer all of your questions at any time.