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Where Does It Hurt

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Where Does It Hurt

Signs and symptoms Orthopaedic patients may experience:



    Ortho Spine Care Orthopaedic Surgery

    Our team of experts specialize in the functional restoration of neck pain, back pain and more through interventional pain relief and physical therapy.



    Elbow Joint Orthopaedic Surgery

    The elbow joint is actually three separate joints surrounded by a watertight sac called a joint capsule. This capsule surrounds the elbow joint and contains lubricating fluid called synovial fluid.


    Hand & Wrist

    Hand & Wrist Orthopaedic Surgery

    The hand in the human body is made up of the wrist, palm, and fingers. The most flexible part of the human skeleton, the hand enables us to perform many of our daily activities.


    Foot & Ankle

    Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgery

    The foot and ankle in the human body work together to provide balance, stability, movement, and propulsion.



    Knee Orthopaedic Surgery

    The knee joint, which appears like a simple hinge-joint, is one of the most complex joint. It consists of the femur (thighbone), tibia (shinbone) and patella (kneecap).


    Hip Joint

    Hip Joint Orthopaedic Surgery

    The hip joint is a “ball and socket” joint. The “ball” is the head of the femur, or thigh bone, and the “socket” is the cup-shaped acetabulum.



    Shoulder Orthopaedic Surgery

    The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body making it the most susceptible to instability and injury.