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da Vinci Surgery

da Vinci® Surgery

da Vinci® System Provided at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic

At Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, we want to provide our patients with the latest technology that will make their surgical process as easy as possible. That’s why we use the da Vinci System for many of our procedures. da Vinci uses the latest in surgical and medical robotic technology and is known for being minimally invasive.

What is the da Vinci® Surgical System?

When using the da Vinci System, the surgeon’s hand movements are translated into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside your body. This enables your surgeon to operate with enhanced:

  • Vision
  • Precision
  • Control
  • Dexterity

The surgeon operates through just a few small incisions. The da Vinci System features interactive robotic arms, a 3D high-definition vision system, and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate beyond the ability of the human wrist. The console is designed so that the surgeon can sit during the procedure, and there’s a patient-side cart where the patient is positioned during surgery.

Surgeons Performing Colorectal, & Other Produces with the Help of da Vinci®

The da Vinci System is beneficial for performing routine, delicate and complex surgeries, and more than 1.5 million procedures have used the da Vinci System, including some performed at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic.

Procedures that use the da Vinci Surgical System include:

  • Cholecystectomy
  • Hiatal Hernia Repair
  • Ventral and Incisional Hernia Repairs
  • Colorectal

The da Vinci Surgical System is also used to perform some Gynecological and Urological procedures as well.


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