Pinehurst Surgical Clinic Breaks Ground on New Health Performance Institute | Pinehurst Surgical Clinic
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Pinehurst Surgical Clinic Breaks Ground on New Health Performance Institute

The Tufts Human Performance Institute will pay tribute to James Walker Tuft, a Moore County trailblazer who established one of the first health benefit systems and built Pinehurst’s very first health resort. The Institute will offer prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation services for athletic health. While our staff will offer expertise in a variety of sports, we’ll have a special emphasis on sports medicine and golf fitness.

As a partner with the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s premier golfer development center, the Tufts Human Performance Institute plans to have cutting-edge equipment. Currently, more than half of our physical therapists are certified through the Titleist Performance Institute to provide golf-related care and diagnoses. With this new facility, they’ll have a new permanent location and continue to grow in how they can help with injuries or congenital defects that limit golf performance.

The new facility is part of PSC’s “3N” building, which also houses the Pinehurst Surgical Clinic and Pinehurst Medical Clinic. Institute patients can receive direct access to many of Pinehurst Surgical Clinic’s specialties and have onsite diagnosis and imaging studies available to them. We’re partnering with Cary Skin Center for this project and will have some space available for dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractors, and other related health care services to lease. Dr. Toni Washington, who recently expanded her list of services to include functional medicine, will be moving from her current Pinehurst location to this new one. 

In preparation for our upcoming build, Charles Gregg, Abby Gibson-Vogel, Rick Tufts, Angela Davis, Dr. David Grantham, Leslie Laws and Kelly Tolentino participated in the groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 20. The “3N” building will be located at Morganton Park Medical Campus in Southern Pines, on Carlisle Street, parallel to Morganton.