Morganton Location News Article | Pinehurst Surgical Clinic
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Pinehurst Surgical Clinic is proud to announce a new Health & Life Sciences Campus at Morganton Park as part of their destination healthcare for North Carolinians and beyond. 

This new location will include services for plastic surgery, ophthalmology, women’s comprehensive health, endocrinology, dermatology, and a primary care walk-in clinic. This center is designed to provide new opportunities for life sciences to join our community. With Pinehurst Medical Clinic and Sandhills Pediatrics’ broad range of primary care and medical subspecialties, we’re excited to have excellent medical and surgical services on the same campus.

Since 1895, this community was founded on health and wellness when James Walker Tufts purchased 6,000 acres to build a health and wellness destination. Since then, the area has grown into a quintessential American hometown that offers families a safe area with resources to put down roots and build their ideal life. The new center will be another aspect of the community that reinforces its prioritization of health and wellness by offering the latest resources to residents who call this area home. 

We’re excited to provide local residents with needed medical care and grow our services to continue to meet our patients’ needs in the future.